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Hello! My name is Kelly and I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. Throughout the last 15 years or so, I have developed a passion for cooking. I grew up in New Mexico and love Mexican food and have Cajun influences as well. Like many kids growing up, I was a picky eater. As I got out on my own and matured, my palette expanded and I discovered a whole new world of cuisine. I have always been artistic in one form or another…I play or have played a variety of musical instruments, sing, read voraciously, and do some writing.  For me, cooking is an outlet for artistic expression, because it involves taking a bunch of different items and turning them into something beautiful…or at least tasty.

My journey into Paleo-centric eats began due to some medical issues that popped up for my wife. She has an abnormal immune system that kicked off some inflammatory conditions including Interstitial Cystitis, which we were able to reduce and nearly eliminate.

At first, we went gluten-, soy-, dairy-, corn-, and refined sugar free. The recommendation is to eliminate these items for 4-6 weeks and then introduce them back into your diet. Talk about a shock! First, many “gluten free” dishes simply substitute corn for wheat. Obviously, this wouldn’t work for us. Next, it is amazing how many products contain corn and soy, or soy variants. Then comes dairy and sugar….everywhere. We added dairy back into the diet fairly quickly with no ill effects.

We investigated AIP because of its specific benefits to some of her symptoms, but didn’t go full speed ahead with that one. For some, it isn’t an option and full adoption is necessary. For others, eliminating citrus and tomatoes and spicy foods is sufficient, which is mostly where we are with the diet.

Since I do almost all of the cooking, I developed ways to make delicious meals that wouldn’t trigger a bout of bladder issues. I decided to share some of my experiences and new ideas, and so here we are!